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Electronic Signatures are Legal

InSign provides you with a legally binding eSignature solution for your contract needs. InSign complies with the requirements of the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and the European Union eIDAS (EU No.910/2014) regarding electronic signatures and transmissions, thus making eSignatures fast, easy, and legally binding.

Electronic signatures are valid and legally binding in a majority of countries around the world. Most countries have realized how inconvenient ink signatures have become in our fast-paced and globalized economy: Ink signatures slow down the contracting process and create a paper management problem.

When selecting an eSignature provider, consider:

Signature Authentication

InSign authenticates document signers so you know who is signing your documents. Any person signing a document via InSign must either have login information for InSign, or have received in their email account a request for signature. To protect InSign user accounts, all user information transferred is 256-bit SSL encrypted, including usernames and passwords. We also seek to prevent others from accessing or using your account by imposing automated session time-outs, and emailing you every time a contract is sent to, received by, or signed under your account.

Signature Affixation

Each signature on a contract is imposed and affixed to the contract. When you request a signature, InSign affixes an audit trail cover page to the contract itself. The audit trail contains a globally unique identifier, or GUID, that can be used to look up a record in our database, which shows who signed a document and when.

Contract Authenticity

InSign is designed to keep your contracts secure and prevent tampering of the contract during and after the signing process. Utilizing hashing technology, InSign creates a unique record of the underlying document before either party signs it and then creates a separate unique record of the underlying document that contains all of the signatures. If you ever need to prove there was no tampering between the pre- and post-signed documents, InSign can provide you with the two unique document records. InSign utilizes the same technology to help protect your eSignatures.

Court-Admissible Audit Logs

InSign creates a comprehensive transaction trail between signing parties. To provide you with a transaction history, we track and timestamp various information from the moment the document is submitted for signature to when it is completely signed and secured, such as IP information and User information. To help ensure that any tampering of your transaction log is detectable, we process the transactions log with hashing technology. Should you ever need to rely on a transaction log, we are right by your side to assist you.

Secure Records

We take your contract information security seriously, which is why sensitive communications with InSign are protected with SSL encryption. Additionally, we encrypt all of your statically-stored user files and signature information in Amazon’s S3 servers, which are housed in an ISO 27001 certified data center, and restrict physical and employee access to it.

Cloud Solution

InSign is a universally accessible solution, as only an Internet connection and a major web browser is required to sign a contract. This means that just about anybody you request a signature from can access and sign the documents you send them. You can also easily download and access your contracts that are processed through InSign, as we provide all documents in PDF format.


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