Top Reasons to Switch to Electronic Signatures

Since they were first introduced into the market, eSignatures have instantly made their mark in many industries. Many companies quickly realized their potential and integrated the use of eSignatures into their everyday operations. Today, they have become a fixture in many organizations because of the number of advantages they offer to users. Thanks to eSignatures, electronic document and contract signing has become more convenient and much easier while more and more uses for this technology are gradually being realized.

Here are the top reasons to start using eSignatures:


The process of collecting signatures can be quite lengthy from start to finish and you know how much of a hassle it can be if you have ever had to collect them before. eSignatures provide a fast solution so you can start the steps that follow the signature almost instantly.

Benefits for Clients

Companies and businesses aren’t the only ones that get to experience these benefits. Clients of these businesses also experience several advantages out of using eSignatures. Since there is a wide range of things consumers can do with eSignatures, they can be really helpful in completing everyday tasks.


Collecting a signature can be a complex and lengthy process that involves several people to store, copy, deliver, witness, sign, and print. eSignatures are captured with just one click. This greatly improves efficiency on both ends of the paperwork.

Environmental Impact

Deforestation is a major concern and companies that adopt eco-friendly business practices are generally preferred over their competitors. Using eSignatures is an eco-friendly practice and it can help you attract great publicity and social standing for your company.

Storage and Verification

It’s not uncommon for a filing cabinet to be overflowing with manila folders and loose papers. With eSignature software, you can keep all the documents well-organized and secured against security threats, floods, and fires all in one place.


Thanks to digital encryption and the ability to track the digital signature, electronic signatures are stored, sealed, and protected against a breach in security, hackers, and other threats. Not only does a digital signature seal the document, but it also keeps a record of any changes that were made to it after it was sealed. As a result, eSignatures can prevent documents from being tampered with and keep a clear record of anyone who makes the final changes.

Precise Legal Validity

Before eSignatures, legal investigations relied mainly on the words of the witnesses and handwriting identification. Electronic signatures document the IP address, date, time, as well as unique user identification key that was used at the time of signing.

Cost Reduction

According to a recent study, businesses could save thousands of dollars by reducing just one percent of their paper waste.

The Bottom Line

Documents drive the process of nearly every business. From receipts, purchase orders, and invoices to contracts that spell out customer expectations, there is a trail of records designed to make sure that the operations run smoothly. Most documents and forms can now be prepared and stored digitally, creating a streamlined archiving and retrieving approach. However, many businesses still rely on a manual document workflow. Unfortunately, the traditional approach has many obstacles to efficient, accurate document processing. Making a switch to eSignatures to use a digital document workflow streamlines the entire operation.