Things to Consider When Choosing an Electronic Signature Software

eSignatures, or electronic signatures, have become a key part of many businesses today. Work document invoicing, encrypting data in emails, etc. has all become easier and faster thanks to the use of eSignature software. eSignatures are considered a critical part of enterprise digitization. Choosing the right electronic signature software can help you save on resources and costs and build greater customer satisfaction.

However, before you sign off on an eSignature software, be prepared to weigh many options before making your final choice. There are certain factors that you should take into consideration when choosing an electronic signature software:

Software Security

Data security should be your top priority when choosing an electronic signature software. eSignatures should make use of digital signature technology that will produce a legally binding fingerprint of the document that you can use to verify the electronic record’s integrity. Before you choose an eSignature software, make sure that it provides a solution to protect your sensitive documents so that no one can tamper with them and on such attempts, the electronic signature is nullified.

Ease of Use

The eSignature software should offer user-friendly, intuitive user experience such that the users/employees don’t have to read the instruction manuals again and again in order to effectively use the software. As a rule of thumb, always choose an electronic signature solution that is efficient and simple. Furthermore, based on the company’s requirements, it should cater to different styles e.g. multiple language support, multiple signatures, customizable signatures, etc.


If you want to make sure that your eSignature software is legally valid, then it is highly recommended that you check that it is compliant with UETA and ESIGN laws in the United States. Other countries have their own regulations so make sure that the software you are about to choose is compliant with the relevant laws.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

With more and more users depending heavily on their smartphones for everyday transactions, it has now become extremely important to choose an electronic signature solution that offers a mobile-friendly experience. You want to choose the one that optimizes the e-signing process on all mobile platforms, offering your clients a tailored and efficient experience when e-signing documents.

Legal Protection

To avoid customer disputes, you want to make sure that the e-signing documents are legally protected. So, choose an electronic signature software that has a process to capture the steps a client took to e-sign and make sure that it has embedded audit tracking. This will help you keep a log of timestamps of the client’s steps when e-signing a document.


Cost is another important factor to consider when choosing an electronic signature software. You should consider product cost, digital certificate renewal fees, deployment charges, and support and training costs of the different eSignature softwares available on the market.


The demand for electronic signatures is expected to increase in the foreseeable future. Many industries such as IT, construction, healthcare, real estate, etc. are enjoying the various benefits of eSignatures, so what are you waiting for? In today’s fast-paced world and high spirit competition, it’s ideal to choose the right eSignature technology and give your business the boost it needs.