How to Streamline Document Workflows

Whether they are digital or paper, running a business without documents is impossible. Unfortunately, many businesses take their document workflows for granted. But considering they are central to more than a third of your business’s process, getting them running smoothly is crucial. You may have an easy-to-use document control system in place, but that doesn’t mean you are managing the documents efficiently. With the latest technology at your side, you have the opportunity to be more responsive and streamline document workflow. There are several tips that can help you in this regard.

Following are some tips that will help you streamline document workflow and get your business started on the road to optimization:

Consider Ways to Reduce Dependence on Physical Resources

If your employees still primarily view documents by printing them out, then you should think about using an automation tool that automatically distributes reports to the selected parties, then give them tools to view the required documents digitally, online. You can invest in an automated report generation system to cut down paper usage by up to 70%. The technology offers an automatic, built-in retention system that saves copies of documents for quick, easy retrieval, so people don’t have to remember to save backup copies. Employees can simply pull up materials on their screens rather than storing physical copies in bulky filing cabinets.

Another excellent way to facilitate access to documents is to use a paperless solution that includes cloud-based storage. Leading cloud providers nowadays have extremely secure options and some of them make physical papers virtually unnecessary by transferring materials directly to the cloud.

Focus on Methods That Reduce Bottlenecks in Complex Processes

The more steps the document workflow in your company has, the greater the chances that there will be slowdowns along the way. These slowdowns can be extraordinarily time-consuming. For example, if your data comes from numerous sources, you risk losing a significant amount of valuable data or duplicate it due to the lack of defined processes. By investing in a platform that helps you create and manage automated digital document workflows, you can increase efficiency and save many hours per work process.

Use eSignatures

Electronic signatures aren’t a gimmick. They are a gateway to increased document workflow efficiency and security. According to a survey, over 80% of companies that roll out eSignatures generate a return on investment within a year of use. With the help of reliable eSignature software, you can add multiple signatures to encrypted documents and finalize them via smartphones. Since business documents are usually sensitive, electronic signature vendors are integrating multi-factor authentication into their signing technology, hence boosting security.

Final Thoughts

Keeping these tips in mind is the first step in coming up with an improved document workflow management with the help of automation. Before you implement these, it is recommended that you be aware of the needs that your department or your company might have in the future and find ways that could enhance growth.