Finding the Best Electronic Signature Provider

The implementation of electronic signatures has helped many individuals and businesses to handle high-volume document processes and transactions with the click of a button. Companies that use eSignatures benefit from streamlined document workflows. Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of eSignatures, a lot of businesses are eager to learn more about this technology. And since there are many providers of electronic signature software, individuals and businesses should exercise caution in choosing the best solution.

Following are some things you should look for to ensure that you choose the right electronic signature provider for your business:

Compliance of Services

When choosing an eSignature provider, it is recommended that you check how compliant their services are regarding the laws for the use of eSignatures. The provider should state and establish that its software is compliant with the primary legislation and also provide details on how their application works under certain provisions of the laws.

Integration with Your Business Processes

The ability of the platform to integrate into your business processes is extremely important. eSignature technology should allow you to link the software into your current internal systems. You also want to make sure that your clients can use eSignatures wherever they wish. So, when you contact an eSignature provider, examine their common document workflows and learn how they will integrate the technology in your business processes.

Usability of the eSignature Software

The usability of the electronic signature software will affect your use of it in the long run. So, it is highly recommended that you examine the software with a free trial so that you can gain the full experience of receiving, sending, and signing documents online. If something is unclear, make sure to reach out to the support team to determine the responsiveness of their customer support department.

Document Verification

Reliable eSignatures are capable of confirming the materials from outside the organization. Employees want flexibility, so the eSignature should allow them to work on documents, for example, signing even when they are traveling.

Compliance with Law

A reliable eSignature is compliant with the law. Just like ink signatures, all electronic signatures have to follow a specific standard. For example, the integrity of the signature, authenticity, and also a signature that cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Use of Various Applications

The electronic signature should be flexible enough to allow the use of multiple applications, for example, MS Word, TIFF images, Adobe Acrobat, etc. Some eSignatures allow only one signature at a time which makes additional signatures impossible. With a unique electronic signature, cross-platform capabilities should be possible.


This is another important aspect of eSignature that you should keep in mind. You want to use an eSignature that all parties can verify. You also want it to be un-refutable so that no one can deny it.

No matter how you choose your electronic signature provider, you are assured that the best eSignature solution will help you streamline document workflow and hence improve your company’s productivity a lot more than with paper.