Boost Your Sales Team’s Efficiency with eSignatures

Being in the business world, you know how precious time really is. Every minute counts, that’s why you want to focus on minimizing tedious and mundane tasks. Paperwork is certainly the most time-consuming challenge that your sales team faces as it can take about 50% of their time, hence leading to a lower productivity rate. So, why not streamline the workflow by dealing with this challenge? eSignatures are the best way to do this.

Using eSignatures can eliminate inefficient paper-flow out of your sales team’s everyday routine. Here is how they can help boost your sales team’s efficiency:

Streamlining the Contract Authentication Process

In the manual document workflow, the same document has to be couriered to all the involved parties for signatures. This can be very time-consuming. eSignatures allow your sales team to authenticate contracts digitally and streamline the entire process. There are some advanced eSignature systems that even automatically send notifications to follow-up with the signing process. This saves a lot of time that is usually involved in manually filling, printing, and tracking documents.

Document Status Tracking

Many salespeople admit that they are not sure whether or not they have all the signed documents. Your sales team probably deals with hundreds of documents on a regular basis. So, there is a possibility for missing information, misfiling, or losing any of the signed documents. Not to mention tracking the status of each and every bundle of contracts/documents is an operational challenge. eSignatures empower your sales team to easily track the status of the documents as well as send reminders and prompts about unsigned documents. With an eSignature software, the documents are stored digitally on a cloud-based platform, hence making it easier for any authorized individual to access from anywhere in the cloud.

Eliminating Legal Issues

Legal issues can be anything from an outdated contract version to misplacing names or other sensitive information. When you are trying to handle a lot of documents at the same time, it is not uncommon for such mistakes to go unnoticed. Incomplete, missing or misfiled documentation can lead to various penalties or fines. eSignatures track these features and make it easier to find and modify any mistakes as they offer a history of the authentication process e.g. when it was received, signed, viewed, etc.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Security is the top priority of any business. As compared to eSignatures, a wet-ink paper document is prone to fraud as it can be easily accessed by unauthorized users. eSignature system minimizes the risk of fraud as it records all the alterations and edits made to the document throughout the approval cycle. It has a multi-factor authentication feature that makes sure that the unauthorized users sign the document on time. It helps protect sensitive information by preventing unauthorized access.

The Bottom Line

Wet-ink paper documents are probably one of the top barriers for your sales team. If you want to grow your business, then you must enhance your customer base and reach and exceed your customers’ expectations. So, it may be the right time for you to invest in an electronic signature software to boost your sales team’s efficiency, thereby improving your company’s productivity.